How to Build Brand Awareness Using Hashtags

Using hashtags for social media marketing is nothing new, but I wanted to provide a one-stop guide that will explain how to build your brand’s awareness by implementing hashtags strategically and appropriately.


The hashtag’s impact took the world of social media by storm. Once known as the “pound sign,” or associated with a tic tac toe game, the hashtag has been transformed into a global symbol that connects unique communities together by using a single word or phrase.


Marketing and related content is typically the responsibility of external marketing and advertising agencies. With the advent of social media, however, business owners have become able to bring their clients into engaging conversations. Social Media Marketing also referred to as consumer-generated media, utilizes social networks to create a connection between companies and their intended target audiences.

If you implement your social media strategies carefully, smm (social media management) can possibly increase your company’s online presence internationally: never underestimate the effect of an incredible viral campaign. Once you go viral, each member of the audience becomes your new prospects and just a click away will be your products and services. The hashtag makes it easier for brands to be recognized individually and exclusively. It also makes finding messages with a particular theme or content more simple for users.

Chris Messina, the co-founder of Citizen Agency, introduced the hashtag to the social media world. During the development of hashtags originally designed for Twitter, they were embraced by top social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Google+.


A hashtag is like a label and can be created by placing a # symbol before the label the business owner wants to use. Once the social media post is published, the hashtag will transform into a link. If a user clicks on the link, it will take them to other posts that use the same hashtag.

Hashtags can easily be searched and used to promote brands in different ways. Use the following strategies to optimize brand awareness potential:

  • To define your brand, create a unique hashtag and add it to your profile. The creation of a special hashtag allows your fans and followers to use your hashtag while thinking about your brand.

  • Stay consistent in identifying your brand across all platforms by using the same hashtag.

  • Don’t use hashtags too often. No need to include a hashtag after each word.

  • Enter emerging discussions about your brand. This will help you to link to other users and exchange information about your company.

  • Do your homework when you use hashtags to participate in conversations.

This example illustrates why a business owner would want to come up with a unique hashtag to use for their post. The unique hashtag will prevent their content from getting lost in the shuffle. For instance, using the hashtag “DunnBros2020” would be easier for Dunn Brothers’ customers to follow than “Coffee” because they would not have to sort Dunn Bros posts out from other coffee-related posts.


If there ever had been a time to hop on the bandwagon and start using hashtags, it’s now! Hashtags aren’t going away soon and I don’t really want them to either. Hashtags have the power not only to unite different audiences but also to push interaction and brand awareness to a whole new level. Hashtags just make life so much easier not just for brands but also for consumers.


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